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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Ordering Information

Financial Aid for Summer Session is now available.

Please CLICK HERE to start the process to use financial aid/tuition assistance to purchase books and supplies.  This link will take you to your myCSMD account sign on page.   Once you sign in you are taken to the Online Bookstore Authorization Form.  Please fill out all information and submit.


Please email us at with any questions or concerns.

Financial Aid FAQs

Yes, you will need to complete the financial aid authorization form and then place your order. Your CSM student ID number is required to place an order. Please make sure that when you are placing your order that the same name is used that is on the authorization form, otherwise it may cause a delay in processing your order.

The authorization grants permission to the bookstore to charge your student account, without it we cannot process your order.

Yes, you will need to know the amount of financial aid you have available. At check out you will enter the financial aid tender first and the dollar amount you want to use. Once you enter your balance due will show and you can proceed with your credit/debit card information.

Most financial aid covers textbooks, course materials, clothing, school supplies, computers and computer supplies. Financial aid will not cover gift and graduation items.

Yes, you can use financial aid for the payment of your textbook. However, a credit/debit must be used for the rental guarantee. The card will only be charged if the rental textbook is not returned by the due date or is damaged.

You only need to fill out the form once a semester (fall, winter, spring, summer). Once it is filled out for the semester you do not need to fill out again for additional orders during that semester.