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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I ordered online and I need to return my textbook?

If your class has canceled the bookstore will provide a shipping label for you to return your book.  Please contact us at if you are wanting to return because you dropped your class or no longer need the book (within 10 business days of your shipment).

You can ship your book back via UPS to this address:

College of Southern Maryland
CSM College Store
8730 Mitchell Rd.
La Plata, MD 20646

Or via USPS to this address:

College of Southern Maryland
CSM College Store
PO Box 910
La Plata,Md 20646

Please make sure to include a copy of your packing list in your shipment. Once we received and have verified the book’s condition we will refund you.

How are textbooks titles selected?

The college store has no voice in the textbook title selections; it is simply a matter of faculty preference.  The faculty submit book orders to our textbook staff who make every effort to have the correct titles and proper quantities available at the beginning of each semester.  If we run out of a title due to over enrollment, additional sections being added, or students from other schools purchasing our books, we will reorder immediately to obtain the book as quickly as possible.  The average time to receive a book, if the publisher has it in stock, is 7-14 business days.

When can I find out information regarding my required and optional textbooks?

Some students like to get information regarding required and optional textbooks as soon as possible.  With that in mind, the booklist for each semester will be available approximately one month prior to the start of the fall, spring, and summer semesters.  

How can I obtain information regarding my required and optional textbooks?

Once the booklist is published, books can be viewed and purchased on-line at  We regret that due to the volume of our business, we can not accommodate phone call or e-mail inquiries.  

Can I sell my books back at the end of the semester?

The College Store offers a year round "Sell Your Books Online" link. 

Does the college store sell computer software at academic prices?

Computer software can be purchased by faculty and staff employed at the College of Southern Maryland, as well as, enrolled CSM students.  Employee or student identification is required at time of purchase along with a valid driver's license.  To order and purchase academically priced software, please visit any of the college stores.